20 couleurs

With SlimPYX ...

• You won't lose your deposit when you move out

• You don't need to spend timing filling holes and painting walls when you take your frames off 

• Easy to carry 

• Ideal to create personalised wall displays

• Ideal for load-bearing walls and attic rooms.

Give your home a fresh and harmonized look!

// 4 x 10x15 + 20x30 + 20x30 Double en Noir et Pale Grey

// 3 x 10x15 + 2 x 20x30 + 20x30 DOUBLE en Noir et Chrome
10x10&10x15 divers couleurs
// 10x10 et 10x15 

SlimPYX frames are easy to carry and easy to send 

Think of SlimPYX as a thank-you frame, after your wedding for example ! 

You have an announcement to make ? Use a SlimPYX ! It works for births, weddings, christenings ...

You can also use SlimPYX as an ephemeral decoration for themed parties, exhibitions, weddings ... 

Slimpyx, facile à transporter, facile à envoyer


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