SlimPYX, the solution for professional displays 

Display documents, images and much more everywhere, easily, quickly, with no holes or stains !



Design your walls to inspire new emotions and new buyer experiences.

Share, communicate, enhance your company's values.

Enjoy your new environment and the dynamic it generates for your clients, partners and yourself.

 SlimPYX frames are thin, elegant, and fit for many applications.

With SlimPYX frames you can display your documents and images in the following sizes: A5, A4, A3, A2 and 10x15,  13x18, 15x20, 20x30, 30x40, 40x50, 50x70 et 60x91,5 cm (poster size).

The adhesive glue dots come off easily without leaving stains: no greasy stains or sticky residue.

You can also write on SlimPYX frames with Velleda pens by BIC or POSCA pens.

For double-sided display: on glass doors and shop windows you can use SlimPYX for a front and back display. Simply place your documents or images between two frames.

SlimPYX is a simple, quick, economical and aesthetic solution:

Slimpyx esthétique, rapide, sans risque

From your computer to your frame in only a few seconds:

slimpyx pro ordinateur A cadre sans text

SlimPYX White Board: an indispensable tool for work

mur bureaux Slimpyx

SlimPYX white boards are the perfect solution for offices or reception desks. They are perfectly adapted for headquarters, offices or meeting rooms.

 The vast choice of colours and sizes enables you to decorate your work space in a way that contributes to your company's "corporate design" or identity. 

SlimPYX frames are an ideal tool for those who work in a creative environment, in planning, sharing or brainstorming.

You can easily slip a document, a background or a check-list behind the SlimPYX White Board to annotate it after.

With Velleda pens by BIC you can use your SlimPYX like a white board or display your documents and annotate them freely.

Check out our biggest sizes by clicking here: poster frames

menu posca



Be creative!

Play with colors, match the color of your image or document to that of your frame: a unique choice!

Should you wish a particular color, we can provide you with the frames of the color of your choice (minimum quantity required).

Display mandatory signage at work in no time!

Cadre Signaletique Slimpyx Entreprise Sans trou

Simple and practical, easy and always up to date!

SlimPYX frames fit in envelopes: send a SlimPYX to say thanks, to greet clients or for company souvenirs!

Key tips to master your professional decoration:

- Define your customer process and what you wish to communicate on.

- Test, mix, alternate: with SlimPYX it's easy.

- Mix sizes. 

-  Place your frames at eye height, the middle of the picture should be approximately 1.60m from the ground. 

- When you fix a frame you should consider the size of the picture compared to the wall on which it's going to be fixed. We discourage you from using a small frame on a very large wall.

- Alternate images and inspirational quotes.




SlimPYX frames are a professional solution to display various kinds of information:

- Ideal to display useful information such as opening hours.

- Ideal for presenting special offers and advertising.

- Perfect for automatic doors and glass doors.

- Perfect for menus or recipes on the refrigerator.

- Very useful as a white board (or paperless paperboard) in the office or meeting room (use with Velleda pens by BIC).

- Easy to use for mandatory signage in factories or warehouses.

- Easy to use to communicate in the office.

- Very useful for signage in general: in conference rooms, for office names …

- Ideal for mandatory signage, security information and warehouses.

- Use colours to differentiate instructions: red for fire protection, blue for instructions concerning machines, orange for user instructions and manuals.



- Industry

- Restaurants, hotels, bars

- Real estate agencies

- Hospitals

- Retirement homes

- Banks

- Public administrations, public institutions

- Gas stations

- Travel agencies

- Doctors, physiotherapist, nurses, ophtalmologists, medical

- Hairdressers

- Beauticians

- Pharmacists

- Property agents and property management companies

- Garages and MOT

- Bakeries, chocolate sellers, cake shops

- Camping sites

- Rental companies

- Various shops

SlimPYX, so simple yet so exceptional.


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