Why choose SlimPYX ?

1 / SIMPLE : A patented tool-free and damage-free framing system.

2 / EFFICIENT : Long-lasting wall-mounted decoration which will leave your walls free from holes and stains.

3 / CREATIVE : Let your imagination run free  thanks to our wide range of sizes and colours.  


Slim, Unbreakable and Elegant

The materials were initially created for and used by astronauts for their light weight and durability.

Perfectly transparent materials which are also UV resistant, therefore protecting your photos, drawings and documents.

SlimPYX frames are durable products, they are unbreakable and can be re-used indefinitely.

The adhesive was created after in-depth research carried out by the best engineers for perfect adhesion, leaving your walls free from holes and stains.


Be innovative !

SlimPYX was awarded prizes at the Geneva International Inventions Fair and twice at the famous Concours Lépine*.

SlimPYX represents the future of ornamental frames. In short, it’s the quickest and easiest solution to decorate and customize your home without damaging it !

*What is the Concours Lépine? It’s a French innovation contest created in 1901 by Louis Lépine. Other winners of the Lépine award include the ballpoint pen and contact lenses!

Slimpyx high quality material


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