Thanks to the SlimPYX double-sided adhesive dots, you can easily display your pictures, documents, drawings, or photos on a variety of different surfaces!

SlimPYX frames can be hung successfully on the following surfaces:
- Smooth surfaces: this includes painted walls, fine-screened fiberglass, smooth unwaxed concrete, unwaxed wood, window panes, glass, metal, plastics, etc.
- Clean surfaces: dry, solid, dust-free, and grease-free surfaces. 

For the best results, we suggest that you clean your surface with watered-down dish soap before sticking your SlimPyx onto the wall. This will allow for a longer use for the frame. We also suggest that you use a soft cloth to clean your frames of any dust. This will avoid any scratching to the frame, as well as ensure the frame stays clean and looking its best!

Rough, uneven, or rounded surfaces reduce the efficiency of the adhesive glue dots. In that case, you may add more glue dots to ensure that your frame stays firmly on the wall.

We recommend that you not use the adhesive glue dots to stick documents on a fragile surface (such as tadelakt, waxed plaster, wallpaper, etc...) and to test removing the glue dots on a non-visible spot beforehand.

Pay attention to the user instructions manual when you install and remove your SlimPYX. Link to User Instructions and video: user instructions.

In the bathroom: SlimPYX size 12"x15,5" (30x40 cm, A3). Link to product here.

Pictures in the frames above by Isabelle Besson. 

SlimPYX frames can adhere to most types of decorative wall paint as long as it has a good grip.
SlimPYX frames can be hung in damp places. The adhesive glue dots are resistant to humidity and to large temperature variations.
SlimPYX frames can therefore be used in bathrooms and on radiators.
SlimPYX frames are also fit for tilted or rounded surfaces and are great for vaulted ceilings.


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