Can SlimPYX frames be reused?
Yes, SlimPYX frames are unbreakable and can be reused indefinitely.

Can SlimPYX adhesive dots be reused?
If you are very careful when removing your frame, you may use the adhesive dots again. However, their grip will be lessened. It is easier to use new adhesive dots when you want to change the picture in your frame.
You can buy them
here or in shops.

Where should I place the adhesive dots?
Each adhesive dot should be placed half onto the frame, half onto the picture. In order to remove your frame more easily, do not place the adhesive dots on the corners of your picture but at approximately 1 inch from the corners.
Click here to go to our Instructions for Use section and watch the step by step video. 

How to move or remove my SlimPYX frame?
To move or remove your frame, you should follow the instructions given in the Instructions for Use section and in the video.
Once you have taken off your frame from the wall,
very slowly pull the adhesive laterally without tearing it. It will elongate as it comes off the photo and off the wall without damaging either of them.

How long will my SlimPYX frame stay on the wall?
If you followed the procedure when sticking your SlimPYX to the wall, it will stay in place for a very long time. With our new generation of adhesive dots, there is no reason for the frame to fall.  

Are the adhesive dots heat-resistant?
SlimPYX adhesive dots are not sensitive to normal room temperature. We have even tried sticking SlimPYX frames onto radiators and they are still in place.

Are SlimPYX frames fit for double-sided displays? 
If you want to display a picture front and back on a glass surface like a door or a window, you will need two SlimPYX frames. Just use the adhesive dots to stick your picture or document on one of the frames like for a normal display. (Please remember that in order to prevent damaging your photo you must put the adhesive dots approximately 1 inch from the corners). Then, remove the tabs from the adhesive dots and stick the second frame on top of your picture. Finally, stick some adhesive dots on one side of your double-sided display and directly stick it onto the glass surface.

Are SlimPYX frames fit for damp places?
SlimPYX adhesive dots and SlimPYX frames will not be damaged by humidity. Just make sure that your picture or document is resistant too. A picture printed on quality glossy photo paper can be put up in a bathroom for example.

Are SlimPYX frames fit for children or babies' bedrooms?
SlimPYX is perfect for children. Unlike glass frames, SlimPYX frames are unbreakable and thanks to their rounded corners children cannot hurt or cut themselves. Once you have looked at the Instructions for Use with them, children over 7 years old can have fun with SlimPYX without needing adult supervision. SlimPYX is also fit for babies' bedrooms – you can take a look at our SlimPYX for Kids section.  

What are the chances of damaging my walls with SlimPYX?
If you follow the procedure closely, there is no reason for you to damage your wall. Please read the
Instructions for Use section and watch our video before putting up and/or removing your frame.
If you are not sure about the quality of the surface on which you want to stick your SlimPYX (flaky paint, fragile paint, fragile wallpaper), do not put up your frame or test the adhesive dots beforehand on a hidden part of your wall.

I would like to try putting up and removing my SlimPYX before I fix it permanently, what should I do?
You want to test the setting up and removal of your SlimPYX  frame to see if you have understood the procedure correctly. The easiest way is to stick your SlimPYX on a tile or glass surface. You will be able to reuse the adhesive dots which will be free from wallpaper or paint micro particles. However, the grip of the adhesive will be lessened so we recommend you to only use a few adhesive dots for your testing.

What surfaces work with SlimPYX?
SlimPYX can be used on many surfaces such as painted walls, wooden surfaces, glass surfaces, tiling, metal, laminated or stratified surfaces, doors, furniture, refrigerators, partition wall, and shop windows. For optimum adhesion, the surface should be smooth, clean, solid, and hard. Surfaces should not be dusty or greasy.
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here to put my SlimPYX

I tore the adhesive dot when pulling on it, what should I do?
If a small bit of the adhesive is still sticking out, try to catch hold of it and very slowly pull on it sideways (see picture here). If the adhesive dot is unattainable you should use a box cutter. Carefully slip the blade between the picture and the wall (you must remove the SlimPYX frame from the wall BEFORE attempting to remove the adhesive dots from behind the pictures). Please make sure that the blade is laid flat and slit the adhesive in half so that your picture falls off. Once the picture is off the wall you can slowly pull the adhesive off, leaving your wall free from any residue. Please note that this should be done by adults only. 


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