SlimPYX frames are much appreciated by women for their decoration, but men too enjoy using SlimPYX frames because they leave walls damage-free !

Why they appreciate SlimPYX :

1 / SIMPLE : A patented tool-free and damage-free framing system.

2 / EFFICIENT : Long-lasting wall-mounted decoration which will leave your walls free from holes and stains.

3 / CREATIVE : Let your imagination run free  thanks to our wide range of sizes and colours.  

Frame size 40x50 cm. Coulour Black. 

Main advantages : 

• You won't lose your deposit when you move out

• You won’t hurt yourself : no risk of cutting oneself or drilling a hole in an electric cable

• No holes

• No greasy stains like with Blue tack

• Easy and unlimited creation

• No tools needed, very quick to set up

• No noise, no dirtiness

• Long lasting fastening – better than any other fastening system without nails !

 2 Pêle-Mêle frames for 8 photos. 

Mandala, cadre photo Slimpyx avec Mandala

20x30/A4 Imperial blue with mandala (ask for the mandala after buying the frame)

coeur Slimpyx 24 photos ou cartes

3 Pêle-Mêle frames for 8 photos = 1 SlimPYX heart (24 photos framed in total). Link to the product: here

2 modules 9 photos

2 Pêle-Mêle frames for 9 photos



SlimPYX offers a large choice of photo frames that you can find in the SHOP category.

These thin frames will enable you to create original wall displays on many surfaces : Smooth surfaces like painted walls, fine screened fiberglass, smooth unwaxed concrete, unwaxed wood, window panes, glass, metal, plastics.  Clean surfaces : dry, solid, dust-free, grease-free.

The adhesive glue dots come off without leaving stains on the wall : no greasy stains, no sticky residue.

The SlimPYX frame is the ideal gift : easy to carry and easy to send.


SlimPYX, so simple yet so exceptional !


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