A tool to split your pictures to make them fit in SlimPYX Pêle-Mêle frames. Click on the link above to start creating original wall displays ! 

How it works : 

1) Start by choosing a HIGH-DEFINITION photo.

2) Select the quality* that fits your picture, then the shape ("Formes") of the Pêle-Mêle frame (heart or square). You can use more than one Pêle-Mêle template to create a unique wall display : just assemble them like a puzzle !

4) Use the preview ("Prévisualisation") button to check the result. 

3) Download your pictures by clicking on "Récupérer les photos (zip)". They will be size 4x6" inches (10x15 cm). 

*  Change the quality of the pictures if you want to zoom in or out before you start.

Need a little inspiration ? Look at what you can do with SlimPYX Pêle-Mêle frames and the Split your photos tool in our Creative Ideas section, XXL Wall Displays


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