SlimPYX : an effective, aesthetic and economical solution for your visual management.

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."  Based on this quote by Peter Drucker, many companies have implemented the following measures :

-          Measure

-          Communicate on  the need to improve results

-          Involve your team when thinking of the measures to implement : it will help your team feel more engaged.

-          Measure again and communicate on the results


This efficient method isn’t new. It has been used by TOYOTA for more than 50 years and many companies have followed this method in the past decades.

What is new is that SlimPYX offers a new tool to make visual management more friendly which is very easy to put in place. It works for startups, meeting rooms, and offices in large companies.

Visual management is everywhere around us : green light, white line, no-entry signs.  


Visual management is more effective than words : 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and is processed 60 000 times faster than a text.


Design is often an essential criteria concerning the credibility of a company.

It is as important internally than externally.

Your visual communication will have an effect on customer process and experience.

A simple usage will enable you to fulfill customer expectations and minimize customers’ efforts. A more advanced usage will allow you  to :

-          Surprise the customer

-          Exceed market standards

-          Differentiate your brand or company

With its wide range of colours and sizes, the SlimPYX frame is the ideal tool to boost your visual mangement in your company, but that’s not all it can offer you.

Maximise your visual communication and your customer experience in your shops with SlimPYX frames. Take advantage of this practical, quick and intuitive way of informing and guiding your client towards the buy box ! There is no doubt that SlimPYX will help you nail it in business.


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