Pack Cadres Naissance G x8

Pack of Baby Frames for Boys x8


Where should you hang your SlimPYX frame?

Thanks to SlimPYX double-sided glue-dots, the frames can be fixed to all kinds of surfaces: painted walls, unwaxed furniture, glass, tiling, metal, plastics...

- Surfaces must be clean, dry, grease-free, solid, and hard.

- Before setting your frame up, please clean the walls with a simple cleaning agent.

- Bumpy, rough surfaces reduce the glue-dots' efficiency.

In some cases, adding more glue dots may be necessary.

Be careful with delicate surfaces such as fragile wallpaper. Test the glue-dots first by unsticking them in a discrete location. 

For cleaning, please use a soft cloth.


How to install a Slimpyx frame?

You can find instructions in our "Instructions for Use" section.



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