SlimPYX double-sided adhesive dots

SlimPYX adhesive dots are ideal to fix drawings, pictures, frames and other small objects.

One adhesive dot holds 200g*

SlimPYX adhesive dots are perfect for those who are looking for an easy way to decorate their walls with drawings, pictures, frames, postcards, posters and all kinds of small objects.

The adhesive dots stick on nearly all kind of surfaces: painted walls, wood, glass, textiles, metal. You can also use the adhesive dots on doors, glass, furniture and in your photo albums.
The adhesive is a 100% transparent and goes unnoticed !

Surfaces should be clean, dry, grease-free, solid and hard.


*when used on clean, dry, grease-free, solid and hard surfaces. Each SlimPYX adhesive dot can hold 200g for the 15 mm ones and 100g for the 10 mm ones.


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