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How to adopt an effective merchandising strategy for your business?

Are you looking for how to better present your products and improve the layout of your store in order to increase your sales?
We have the solution for you ! We present to you 5 simple and effective tips so that you can optimize your merchandising and better attract and interest your customers. 

To do this, we will explain the 5B rule to you, an infallible merchandising method for selling products:

  1. The Right Product: Ensure that all references are clearly visible and organized by colors and sizes.

  1. At the right time: We recommend offering presentations of your products that are targeted according to the periods of the year/holidays and/or operations (Different operations possible => Ex. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.)

  1. In good quantity: Mass sells! This is why it is important to keep the displays stocked => The objective being to avoid stock shortages.

  1. In the Right Place: The level of placement on the shelf is fundamental. Desired location: products at hand level and merchandising visuals at eye level. Products must remain accessible to the customer in all circumstances.

  1. With the right information: Focus on specific ILVs intended to inform the end customer (price, dimensions, origin of manufacture of the product, etc.) In merchandising, display is fundamental, especially when it comes to prices. The end customer does not buy an item of which he does not know the price.

exemple de merchandising pour une boutique de vin

For the ILV part, consider using SlimPYX frames. Unbreakable and infinitely reusable, they will allow you to display all types of information in a very qualitative and very readable way. Everything so that the consumer is hooked and interested in your offer.

In conclusion, nothing could be simpler than following the 5B rule carefully to adopt an effective merchandising strategy for your store. Your products will thus be better highlighted and will quickly regain the interest of customers day after day.

exemple de présentation de produits en magasin avec ILV
VWould you like support for your merchandising?

Contact SlimPYX! A creative team will support you to help you get the right message across at your points of sale, will take care of printing and deliver a turnkey product to you.

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