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The trend for vintage city posters

We come across more and more of them in our homes but also in souvenir shops. One thing is certain, vintage city posters are one of the major decoration trends of the year. Both original and elaborate, they are sure to seduce the most curious!

exemple de composition murale avec des affiches de ville                          exemple d'une affiche de Bayonne

The Tour de France in a few posters

The most beautiful French landscapes and monuments carried by the cities that make us proud, all beautifully framed in a frame of your choice.
These beautiful posters explore all the major cities of France but also the favorite seaside resorts of our holidays. To each their own little corner of paradise, you will find posters for all tastes going from North to South via East and West.
For some, they are synonymous with a memory of a vacation spent with family, while for others they are a reflection of the admiration they have for the city where they live. There are many reasons to buy a vintage city poster and everyone always ends up finding the one that suits them.


exemple de composition avec des affiches de villes     


The posters that infiltrate all your rooms

Ideal for decorating your interior, these city posters will stylishly adorn your bedrooms, living rooms or any other room of your choice. They are just as much a meaningful gift as a small decorative purchase for your own pleasure.
For more style but also to protect the posters, choose a thin, designer frame that will go perfectly with them. SlimPYX frames offer you a wide range of bright and vibrant colors. It's up to you to choose the one that will go best with your poster!


To be found in the four corners of France

Vintage city posters are available on various dedicated websites or in specialized stores in many French cities for those who prefer physical purchase!

Sometimes you will even have the opportunity to find them available in magnificent magnets, tote bags, mugs or even postcards so that you can have a little reference to your favorite city with you everywhere.

Where to buy our framed city posters :

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