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How to properly decorate your restaurant ?

You have just moved into your restaurant or you simply want to renew its decoration. In this article, we give you all the tips for having a simple decoration, in your image but also within a reasonable budget for a very high quality result.

First of all, it is essential to remember that apart from the culinary aspect and the service, your customers go to the restaurant to have an experience. This mainly involves decoration, that is to say in particular the choice of crockery, furniture, photos or paintings displayed or even signage. In other words, any visible element is important to give an atmosphere to your restaurant and attract customers.

Favor wall decoration with photo frame compositions

Photo frames are a good, more visual way to impose your style and create a special atmosphere. Many references of thin and designer frames are available at SlimPYX. These new generation colorful frames at an affordable cost will allow you to easily juggle styles and formats while adapting to any type of space and support.

suggestion de composition murale pour décorer son restaurant

Instructions for successful photo frame composition

To do this, you can easily create a wall composition in your image by combining several SlimPYX photo frames together.
First decide which wall you want to decorate and then choose photos or posters that you like.

Several options are available to you :

  • Focus on visuals that reflect your activity or your region

  • Test the foodie decoration, quite trendy, highlighting images and quotes about food, which will make your customers' mouths water/make them salivate.

  • Dare to use original or designer visuals, according to your tastes (contemporary artists, small local artists with an offbeat style)

  • Impose your values ​​and commitment: choice of local producers or suppliers, involvement in environmental protection or animal welfare

exemple de composition murale pour présenter son équipeidée de décoration murale pour un restaurant italien

The main thing is that these please customers so that they can feel good and enjoy the place where they are eating.
All you then have to do is adapt the size of your frames according to your wishes as well as choose their color. For greater harmony, we advise you not to exceed three different frame colors on your composition.
Thus, optimizing your wall decoration will certainly help to develop word of mouth and ensure that your customers repeat their visit and recommend your restaurant.

In conclusion, be sure to choose an atmosphere that suits you and stick to it for more uniformity in the decoration of your restaurant. You can also focus on decorating the walls with SlimPYX photo frame compositions as long as you choose the visuals carefully.

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