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Create your own photo frame wall in a few steps

Are you tempted to create your own wall of photo frames but don't know how to go about it?

Today, we guide you step by step towards the design of your wall composition of photo frames to simply and elegantly decorate your interiors with SlimPYX photo frames.


5 steps and that’s it:

1) Choose the place where you want to place your composition:

You will need a little space, remember not to install it in a place that is already crowded. Keep in mind that you need to be able to showcase the photo frames and their content.


2) Define the style of photos or other visuals that you wish to exhibit:

You can opt for photos of your loved ones (family and friends) as well as landscapes or vacation memories. Some also choose photos reflecting one of their passions or design and creative visuals (posters, posters, postcards, etc.)


3) Consider what types of photo frames to use:

Remember to measure the space you have. It is important to choose the dimensions and colors according to your space. Thus, these must be in harmony with its interior and/or the style of the chosen photos.


4) Choose the layout you prefer for your photo frames:

There are two options available to you when installing your composition. Either you go for an orderly style, or you go for a more disordered layout. To choose the one you prefer, let your desires speak and the atmosphere you want to give to the room.


5) Install your creation on the wall of your choice:

Follow the installation instructions for quick and trouble-free installation using adhesive pads.


Guide to installing photo frames:

Here are some ideas for wall arrangements to inspire you:

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