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DIY wedding decoration guide: the ingredients for homemade decoration

Have you ever thought about creating your wedding decorations yourself but never dared to take the plunge? However, nothing could be simpler! A bit of creativity and desire and that’s it!
Let us present to you some suggestions that will surely tempt you to create a homemade wedding decoration.

Why choose DIY (homemade) decoration

The reasons are numerous, everyone has their own motivations and desires as long as you have a well-established plan of attack to carry out your own decoration.
Some will say that this allows you to save significant money on your wedding. Indeed, many DIY decoration ideas can be achieved at a lower cost.
Others see it as a desire to pay attention to the environment by focusing on recovery or by shopping at flea markets.
Finally, some express pride and personal satisfaction at the idea of ​​designing their own wedding decoration.

composition murale pour décorer un mariage

Focus on wall decoration based on photo frames

Nowadays, many thin and designer frames allow you to create magnificent photo frame compositions by combining different formats and colors.
SlimPYX frames are a decoration solution that will allow you to easily create something to adorn all the walls of your reception room. Indeed, adopting them has many advantages!

This allows you to have a personalized decoration, both original and in your image. You will be able to choose the photos and the style you want to give to your wall composition.

To match the rest of your decoration and reception venue, nothing could be simpler! All you have to do is choose the frame format you like and juggle the colors for a result that matches your desires. SlimPYX frames have the advantage of adapting to all styles and atmospheres.

Designing your own wall composition will also give you the opportunity to involve your loved ones and thus spend time with them. You will have many choices to make both in terms of visuals to display, as well as in terms of frame formats and colors. Thus, it becomes a fun activity where any help is welcome for more creativity.

Finally, it is a durable and reusable decoration. You will be able to keep a material souvenir of your wedding and collect your SlimPYX compositions to install them in your home after the wedding.

In summary, you will find many benefits to DIY wedding decoration. Frame wall compositions are a perfect example of this with their customizable style and the infinite possibilities they offer in terms of colors and formats.

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